Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Drawing Transparent Controls

A quick search of the Windows CE newsgroups shows no small number of questions about transparency in controls. With its pared-down API, CE doesn't make it quite as easy as regular Win32 to draw transparently. Still, it can be done, and (as we found) it's not too difficult, either.

The biggest and foremost obstacle is, as the help puts it, that "all windows implicitly have the WS_CLIPSIBLINGS and WS_CLIPCHILDREN styles [set]." (In "regular" windows, a WM_PAINT message would cause a window to repaint its entire background. CE, an OS that usually runs on low-horsepower devices, tries to save some time by only drawing the region not covered by other windows. When a parent window is finished painting it selfishly tells all child windows to go paint themselves.) This works fine if you want to paint normal-looking buttons

WinCE Test Button

but as soon as you want to get fancy (move your mouse over the button to see the fancyness)

Oswald Test Button

it makes life a little harder.

In our case we wanted buttons with round corners. Also, they needed to depress and visibly lose their shadow (see above), which meant that if we merely painted the button image over itself we would still see the border from the last button image.

Also, many static images in our application needed a transparent background. (The alternative was to use icons, which don't scale well past 16x16 increments, or to "hard-code" the background into each image, which was a terrible option for obvious reasons.)

Enter our saviour, TransparentImage(), the CE equivalent of Win32's TransparentBlt() (or just blitting with a monochrome bit-mask).

Note: You might be tempted to just use SetBkMode(TRANSPARENT) in OnCtlColor. But the problem with doing that is that the control becomes too transparent and won't even repaint in response to a WM_ERASEBKGND message. On the other hand, passing back a brush created with the current background color would work just fine in OnCtlColor. You just have to make sure that you keep the brush valid (for example, make it a class member) or use a stock brush.

A note on my nomenclature: I use c_ as a prefix for control variables (to differentiate from m_ for data variables), a habit I picked up from the Flounder.

For drawing transparent static controls, this worked great in the parent window's OnPaint handler:
// Draw the "background" images transparently
// NOTE: Validate the control so it doesn't try to re-
// paint itself with its default bmp. Other options:
// 1. c_sensor.SetRedraw(false);
// 2. c_sensor.SetBitmap(bmp);
// 3. Subclass CStatic and paint our own control

pDC = c_sensor.GetDC();
pOldFont = pDC->SelectObject(&m_fontSmall);
DrawBitmap(pDC, &rect1, IDB_SENSOR);

// Draw the centered text overlay on the bitmap
overlay.Format(_T("%d"), m_sensorNum);
pDC->DrawText(overlay, &rect1, DT_CENTER);


DrawBitmap calls a parent-class function that calls TransparentImage(), like so:
TransparentImage(pDC->GetSafeHdc(), /* hdcDest */
pRect->left, pRect->top,
bmpInfo.bmWidth, bmpInfo.bmHeight, /* dest */
(HBITMAP) bmp, /* hdcSrc */
0, 0, bmpInfo.bmWidth, bmpInfo.bmHeight, /* src */

where CLR_TRANSPARENT is a pre-defined color set to hot pink, RGB(255, 0, 255). (I figured we wouldn't have much use for that color, and even if we did, I'd rather not see it!) For even more flexibility, you could also looked for a pre-determined pixel--say (0, 0)--and use its color as the images transparent color.

The most robust way to do this would be to use option #3 from above and subclass our own static controls. That way, we could control our background repainting in OnEraseBkgnd and our normal painting in DrawItem. But the statics were easy enough to handle in their parents' OnPaint method. We did subclass the buttons and used an off-screen buffer to do all our drawing before blitting them back over to the screen. But that's a post for another day.

Final note: You might look at our solution and say, "Hey, that's not really transparent. You're just faking it by drawing the same background color!" and you'd be right. This is good-enough transparency. It works well on a monochromatic background. True transparency involves using GetPixel() to see what's "underneath" and duplicating it, or at least part of it, in the draw. Yeah, that's also another post for another day.


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