Sunday, March 13, 2005

MSDN 2540

Warning: boring reading ahead!

Here are the contents of the MSDN 2540 course:

Update: Embedded Fusion now offers MSDN 2540N on DVD. It gives you the option of spending $500 for a dry course on DVD rather than $3,000 + expenses for a dry course in person. I don't know if you can place a value on having a good instructor help you through the labs, but $500 is pretty cheap in comparison.

Update to the update: (from a comment on an earlier post) 2540, 2530 and 2535 are the Windows CE .NET V4.x versions of the MS training for Windows CE. MSDDN 2540N is the V5.0 content that was completely re-written for V5.0 [Ed. note: "completely" might be a bit of a stretch, as in how the Platform Builder 5.0 docs were "completely" rewritten from 4.2.]

  1. Module 1: Advanced Building of a Windows CE Image
    • Directory Structure of Platform Builder
    • The Build Process
    • Building in the Integrated Development Environment
    • Modifying Configuration Files
    • Creating a Component
    • Modifying CEC Files With the CEC Editor
    • Adding a BSP
    • Export Wizard
    • Lab 1: Advanced Image Customization and Build

  2. Module 2: Advanced Debugging
    • Using Breakpoints
    • The Real World: Debugging Process
    • Using Remote Tools
    • IDE Debug Commands
    • What are Debug Zones?
    • Other Debugging Techniques
    • eXDI
    • Lab 2: Exploring Debugging Features

  3. Module 3: Kernel Features
    • Definition of Real Time
    • Windows CE Kernel Features
    • Handling Processes, Threads, and Fibers
    • Protecting Applications
    • Synchronization Objects
    • Memory Model
    • Structured Exception Handling
    • Optimizing a Windows CE Device
    • Lab 3: Kernel Tracking Thread Priorities

  4. Module 4: Understanding Device Drivers
    • Windows CE Architecture
    • Driver Source
    • Driver Resource Management
    • Resource Manager
    • Device Driver Interrupt Handling and the IST Model
    • Device Driver Memory Management
    • New DMA Routines
    • Driver Loading Mechanism
    • Service Manager (Service.Exe)
    • Device Notification Mechanism for Applications
    • Device Power Management
    • Common Driver Architectures
    • Native Device Drivers
    • Stream Interface Drivers
    • USB
    • NDIS
    • FSD
    • Emulation Support
    • Lab 4: Implementing a Stream Interface Driver

  5. Module 5: Networking and Communications
    • Web Technologies
    • Lab 5.1: Enabling a Web Server
    • Networking Options
    • Lab 5.2: Implementing Microsoft Message Queuing
    • Component Services
    • Networking Security
    • Real-Time Communications
    • Multimedia Communications

  6. Module 6: Implementing a Shell
    • What Is a Shell?
    • Shell Options
    • Components of a Custom Shell
    • Required Shell Functionality
    • Installing a Custom Shell
    • Handling Device UI Rotations
    • Customizing the UI
    • Lab 6.1: Implementing and Handling Screen Rotation
    • Lab 6.2: Windows CE Skin Implementation

  7. Module 7: Preparing an Application Development Environment
    • Windows CE .NET Application Development
    • Native Application Development
    • Win32 Programming Primer
    • Lab 7A: Exploring Embedded Visual C++ 4.0
    • Managed Application Development
    • Building, Deploying, and Launching the Application
    • Overview of the .NET Compact Framework
    • Adding .NET Support to a Windows CE Device
    • Lab 7B: Exploring Visual Studio .NET


At 3/20/2005 2:54 PM, Blogger Stacey said...

Thanks for the warning, I simply scrolled to the comments.

At 3/24/2005 9:20 AM, Anonymous Steve Maillet said...

Note the course listing you posted is for the V4.2 version of the course and NOT the 2540N V5.0 version. Which WAS completely re-written for V5.0. You can get the current course outline from for some reason Microsoft has not updated their training site with the new course material. (2530 and 2535 were phased out for V5.0)

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