Sunday, March 13, 2005

MSDN 2530

Warning: boring reading ahead!

Here are the contents of the MSDN 2530 course:

  1. Module 1: Overview of Windows CE .NET
    • Overview of Windows CE .NET
    • Core Operating System Architecture
    • Advanced Features of Windows CE .NET
    • Networking and Communications
    • Real-Time Communication
    • Multimedia Support and Architecture
    • Security Features and Architecture
    • Internationalization

  2. Module 2: Overview of System Development
    • Selecting a Windows Embedded Operating System
    • The Windows CE Platform Development Cycle
    • The Application Development Options

  3. Module 3: Configuring and Building with Platform Builder
    • Introduction to Platform Builder
    • Platform Development Cycle
    • Configuring the Platform
    • Building the Platform Image
    • Downloading the Image
    • Demonstration: Configuring, Building and Downloading

  4. Module 4: Overview of the Windows CE .NET Debugging Process
    • Overview of the Debug Process
    • Release Builds and Debug Builds
    • Introduction to the Kernel Debugger
    • Demonstration: Kernel Debugger Windows
    • Understanding Windows CE Remote Tools
    • Other Debugging Techniques


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