Friday, March 04, 2005

Hello, WWWorld

Partly at the suggestion of Mike Hall, I've decided to start a weblog about a very, very small corner of the universe known as Windows CE. Specifically, this is a blog about a real-world project using CE.

There are other blogs about WinCE written by people who know far more about it than I may ever know. (I'll link to them as I find them.) And there are some good online tutorials for getting started with CE. But as far as I know there are no weblogs about the trials and triumphs of actually working on a corporate CE project. So I'm starting one today.

Today is March 4, and this marks the seventh month of the Oswald Project, although in all fairness we've only been doing serious development since Jan. 4 of this year. The finish date for this project was supposed to be March 25, which is a scant 3 weeks away from today. But despite our three month death march, we are still far behind schedule and will badly miss our target date. That day was supposed to be a live demo at one of the most important (potential) customers of my company's 76-year life.

Speaking of my company, I will try to post everything that I can about this project within the confines of a competitive marketplace. In the ideal world of academics and research I wouldn't have any qualms about posting information relevant to this project. But in the dog-eat-dog marketplace of free enterprise and international espionage, there is a possibility that our work does not go unnoticed by our competition. And our competition has been nipping at our heels as of late...

So to protect the innocent--and the guilty, of which there are a few--the names and specifics have been changed. I will call this project the Oswald Project. Oswald is an obscure painter.

Painting aside, this blog will mostly cover the technical details of what it takes to create a brand new Windows CE project and ship it to a customer. But if I start to wax philosophical or wander off into stories of my personal life, please forgive me. I’ll soon get back on course.

I also have a lot of background to write to get you up to speed. (We'll see how that fits with my 70-hour work weeks.) But eventually, I'll catch up to real life and start posting about what's currently happening. Until then these posts will have a historical bent. Perhaps those are better: with the passing of time, feelings and opinions fall by the wayside and only the facts remain.

Up next: some background on the company and our reasons for choosing WinCE.

This blog Copyright © 2005 D. Philippe


At 3/05/2005 10:05 PM, Blogger Stacey said...

We are eagerly anticipating the inner workings of not only your current incongnito project, but also, the tibits of information you give us into the real D. Phillipe!

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